4 errors you must avoid when dogs eat their poop

One fine morning David happened to see his cute Pug eating her own feces. What shocked David even more was that his Pug seemed to enjoy the ‘meal’.

David’s immediate reactions were shock, disgust and confusion.

In the fit of the moment David did what he would later regret, he began shouting at his beautiful little Pug and he shooed her away from the spot into the open garden and continued to shout at the poor little Pug.

David could not get over this and for the next few days showed his disgust and frustration by ignoring the Pug. The usual ‘Good Mornings’ stopped, David would no longer encourage his Pug to come onto his bed and hug her.

This continued until Sarah, David’s wife noticed and brought her vet friend who then explained the behavior the Pug to the couple. It took about two weeks for David and his Pug to be back on ‘track’ with their relationship and both David and Sarah understood that their dog needed a little help to get rid of the poop eating behavior.

It's normal when dogs eat their poop
American staffordshire terrier chasing an agile boxer dog across green grass in the park in a game of tag

I am sure some of us would have been in the same position as David was, or would tend to react as David did if we chance upon our beloved dogs eating the poop. There are a few things we would have to keep in mind when we find out about our dogs eating the poop.

Four errors you shouldn’t make when dogs eat their poop

Do you tend to commit some of the following errors when you find out about the poop eating behavior of your dog?

Error #1: Be shocked when dogs eat their poop

You should not be shocked with the seemingly strange behavior of your dog, when your dog eats poop it could be disgusting for you but for your dog it simply is natural.

Error #2: Vent out disgust/frustration

Whatever you do, please do take care that you do not vent out your frustration on your dog. Remember your dog has feelings too and dogs are known for being so loyal that they could be really hurt by your sudden outburst and change in behavior.

Error #3: Change your Behavior

Maintain your behavior and attitude towards your dog(s) as it were before.

I know it’s not easy to control your disgust, frustration and more importantly the worry. A change in your behavior towards your dog could have a negative impact on your dog. Please remember she is not as intelligent as you are and she would never know why you are ‘angry’ or ‘displeased’ with her.

You love your dog for sure, there is no doubt about that but just do not let her poop eating behavior lead you to change your behavior towards her, if but even for a week.

Error #4: Try any Solution without finding the Cause

Many of us due to the worry and confusion tend to immediately want to find a solution for this so called ‘defect’ in our dogs. We tend to race up to find some solution and then hurry up to do ‘something’ to help our dogs get rid of this habit.

A very important thing for us to do is to understand the cause/reason behind the poop eating behavior of our dogs and then apply the effective remedy or remedies to help eradicate the behavior when dogs eat their poop.

Go beyond your errors:

Since we now know the errors we should avoid when dogs eat their poop, it is important for us to know the causes behind the same and also find out the remedial measure to help prevent or eradicate this habit.

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