How to stop poop eating in dogs?

Now you know that your dog eats his own poop, What Next? Obviously, you would want to help your dog stop this practice and you would want to do that as soon as possible.

Question now is how to stop poop eating in dogs?

Do NOT be discouraged or disappointed

Yes, the act of a dog eating his/her poop could put us off and bring in sheer disgust.

What we need to know is that in most cases this is not an ailment the dog is suffering from. The dog does so due to various reasons.

One thing we must keep in mind is that we need not be disappointed about this practice of the dog or discouraged about doing something to help him/her out.

To Stop Poop Eating in Dogs : Determine the Cause

To begin with, you should first know the exact reason behind this behavior of the dog, as knowing this can save us a good amount of time and effort in helping the dog get rid of his/her poop eating habit.

Implement the Preventive Measures

Once we determine the exact cause behind this behavior, we can help the dog to stop eating its poop.

We would need to implement the relevant preventive measures to stop the dog from eating his poop. The preventive measures should be implemented in an effective manner and should be also done on a regular basis.

A lack of commitment towards implementing the preventive measures could result in us not achieving our objective of helping the dog get rid of this habit.

Preventive Measures to stop poop eating in dogs

One of the many preventive measures necessary to help your dog from eating his/her poop is fecal removal.

In fact, fecal removal is the simplest measure that can be adopted in order to stop your dog from eating his own poop.

Sounds disgusting isn’t it and difficult too? Well, that’s how we start to train our beloved dogs so they can get rid of this seemingly unfavorable habit.

Combination of Preventive Measures

The preventive measures could be more than one and the method of implementation could be a combination of 2-3 preventive measures. Sometimes the dog needs to be trained on more than one behavioral aspect in order for us to help the dog from eating its poop.

For example, one measure could be – To immediately clean the surroundings of the dog poop (fecal removal) – but this measure alone may not help.

Stop poop eating in dogs - Boxer.
Stop poop eating in dogs – Boxer.

We may also need to immediately divert the attention of the dog after he/she has pooped and restrain it from eating the poop by using some ‘’Do Not do that’’ commands as and when the dog tends to go near the poop.

If we do not do so, it could resort to the behavior of eating poop when we are absent from the house. The dog has to be ‘trained’ to not go near the poop and made to believe that even smelling the poop is bad.

Only when we can train the dog effectively in this manner can we hope to help stop poop eating in dogs.

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We have now understood in simple terms as how we can stop poop eating in dogs.

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