My 3 advices to stop dog poop eating

I was totally shocked and taken aback when I first got to know about the poop eating habit of my Pomerian. For days I was clueless on what to do and how I could help my dog to stop dog poop eating.

It was not just the disgust born out of the having observed her eating the poop, it was also the concern about what this poop eating habit could do to my dog.

I was troubled with many questions:

  • What kind of behavior is feces eating?
  • Would this habit affect the health of my dog?
  • Would I ever be able to help her get rid of this habit and stop dog poop eating?
Stop dog poop eating – Good dog.
Portrait of a beautiful dog on meadow – Stop dog poop eating – Good dog.

It took me months to finally be both convinced that this habit is ‘usual’ and be relieved that there are ways through which I can help my dog stop this poop eating habit.

I must also confess that I did take a few not so good decisions (see errors about dog eating their poop) in the initial period mainly due to my confusion and ignorance.

3 advices to stop dog poop eating

If you are facing or have recently faced the problem of poop eating behavior of your dog, here go my top 3 advices or suggestions to help you help your dog stop eating his poop.

#1 Reinforcing Behavior

You should let your dog know that eating poop is not good for him.

You can do so by following certain behavioral techniques that would prompt the dog not to eat his poop. A simple command like a stern ‘No’, or ‘Not Good’ from you as and when your dog goes near his poop should initiate your training process. But then this has to be done consistently.

Once your dog obeys your command and avoids approaching his poop, you can reward him with a ‘Good Boy’ or a ‘Come here give me a Huggy’ comment and caress him gently on his mane. This will help to stop dog poop eating in a positive way.

#2 Prevent fecal deployment

You would need to prevent your dog from pooping inside of the house or anywhere close to your premises.

Once your dog poops inside or just around your house, he would be tempted and prompted to eat his own poop. Train your dog to move out the house into the area outside to poop, this would take time but it is important that your dog cultivates this.

In the case of pups which are housed in the kennel it is very essential for you clean (get cleaned) the poop of the pups quickly as not doing so could cause your pup to ‘experiment’ and eat the poop.

#3 Feed proper diet to stop dog poop eating

You might wonder what your dog’s diet has got to do with your dog and his poop eating behavior. There is a connection between the two.

One of the main reasons a dog tends to eat poop is because there is an absence of proper amount of nutrients in his diet and there are nutrients found in the poop of some animals including that of a dog.

Once the dog begins to ‘enjoy’ eating the poop chances are he may not stop eating poop because poop could also be a source of some undigested nutrients which by the way are necessary for the dog and its survival.

The reason nutrients can be found in the poop of your or any dog is due the presence of some malabsorption syndromes where a dog suffers from improper digestion or improper digestion of the diet intake.

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