Coprophagia: do you want to stop your dog from eating poop?

Solutions exist to stop Coprophagia,
You can do it now:

  • You want to know how to stop Coprophagia?
  • Your dogs are eating their own feces?
  • You’re maybe shocked and disgusted?
  • You have no idea how to stop dog poop eating?
  • You feel alone with your problem and think that dogs eating dogs poop is unusual?

Like many dog owners, you expect your dog obey your orders and share good time you. Your dog should also have a clean and normal behavior, not eat feces (Coprophagia).

Pomeranian doing the symbol to declare its territory. How to stop Coprophagia.
Pomeranian doing the symbol to declare its territory

Well, Welcome to the club!

Five years ago on one summer morning I found my cute Pomerian – Lucky – doing the same and believe me… I was shocked out my senses.

It was unwatchable, I simply thought it was… Disgusting! 

I began to ponder about this ‘weird’ behavior of my dog and started to research on the possible factors that caused my dog to resort to such an act.

After having gone through numerous accounts on such incidents from fellow dog owners and some research reports, I realized something very important  – The dog eating dog poop is not unusual, not abnormal, nor is it even a disease, it simply is a very natural habit!!

One thing we must all understand that the act is not at all disgusting for the dog!

The good news

The good news is that your dog is like every other dogs: there are solutions to solve his/her Coprophagia problem.

But you must understand that if you want your dog to change behavior, you must help him. Don’t react like many dog owners who just ignore the fact that their dog eats poop.

The very good news is that it’s easier than you think.

A step-by-step guide to stop Coprophagia:

I spent a lot of time to understand what is Coprophagia in dogs and which solutions really work.

I asked dog owners how they helped their dog. I also spoke with vets to know their favorites recommendations.

  • I simplified what could be simplified.
  • I killed the useless measures.
  • I kept the best of it, what really works.

So I took every techniques and I have put them in a 75 pages “step-by-step” book, easy to read and understand even for Coprophagia newbies 🙂

This book will help you to avoid the errors I did. To take advantage of my experience. To save time and improve the health of your dog faster.

The action plan is easy to follow because you will pick up only what is about YOUR dog.

You can begin now to help your dog by clicking here:

step-by-step guide to stop Coprophagia

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What you will learn:

A useful 75 pages guide to teach you:

  • The 15 possible reasons to explain Coprophagia in dogs (page 10)
  • The very strong reason why dogs develops poop eating into a habit over a period of time (page 4)
  • The difference between short-term and long-term Coprophagia and the specific types of measures you must practice in each case to preserve your dog’s health (pages 5 to 9)
  • The simple action you have to do first if you want to use the right preventive measure and stop this habit of your dog (page 12)
  • The very natural reason which explains your dogs behavior (page 14)
  • The possible places where your dog has learned the behavior of eating feces and why it was important there (pages 15 to 17)
  • The terrible secret that your dogs didn’t tell you and why you should be fully aware of his past (page 19)
  • The stupid reason that force your dog to act like a child left alone (page 20)
  • The consequences you would not have ever imagined when you don’t feed your dog on time (page 21) or with the proper diet (page 26)
  • The full list of medical problems which are some of the common reasons why dogs resort to this sort of behavior (page 22)
  • The suspect trick and why your dog may develop the idea that pooping itself is bad (page 23)
  • The list of Physiological ailments your dog may suffer from (page 27)
  • The 16 best solutions and preventive measures (page 28)
  • The reason why every preventive measures can not all apply to every dog and the 4 families of solutions you may need (pages 29 to 31)
  • The most sensible method of prevention which will give you more quality time with your dog and reduce the amount of bacteria and parasite larvae your dog will be exposed to (page 33)
  • The action you must do with repetition, so your dog can be trained and the good behavior becomes the norm (page 35)
  • The tip you must know if you’re in charge of puppy/younger dog (page 37)
  • Why it is important to have you dog checked up by a veterinary specialist. How often you must see the vet and what you must ask him to check for your dog (pages 39 to 41)
  • The kind of food supplements which can also be added to help improve nutrient digestion of your dog (page 43)
  • The fruit you can use (2 spoons will be enough) to help contain your dog from eating feces (page 44)
  • Why and how you can change your dog’s life to get your dog interested in other activities besides that of eating his own feces (pages 48 & 49)
  • The exact sequence of commands that will help the situation (pages 50 & 51)
  • The simple action you should do with your dog every day to let him have the pleasure of enjoying the nature and which should take his mind off many things including the habit (page 53)
  • The very interesting statistics from the survey conducted by Dr. Hart’s in San Diego (California). You will be relieved if you have only one dog (pages 55 to 59)
  • The 3 very very important things you must keep in mind in order to help your dog get rid of the habit. If you don’t follow that advices, you will have no chance to help your dog (pages 62 to 69)
  • The basic action you should do while living with your dog if you really want to stop the coprophagia habit and see your dog stop eating feces (page 69 to 74)
stop your dog eating poop

Special price17$ instead of 37,00$
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Too good to be true?

You may have doubts. It’s the same for many dog owners who do not believe they can do something for their dog.

But when they discover it’s not as unusual as they think and that the reasons and preventing measures are much more simpler than expected; they want to try.

It can be true for you.

And it will certainly bring you a lot of delight for your efforts have borne fruit!

This Coprophagia guide book is not for every one

Be careful: this book is not a miracle cure!

It’s written only for dog owners who really want to help their dog to stop Coprophagia habit. It’s for people who accept to search for the right solution for their dog, people who really want to make the change come true.

Sometimes, you will be frustrated with the whole process and may even want to just give up. Remember it is at this juncture that you would have to keep your focus and be patient.

After some good efforts you may finally have your dog end up not eating his/her feces. Your success depends on your determination and perseverance. But it’s much more simpler than you think.

stop coprophagia guide

Special price17$ instead of 37,00$
Limited time offer!


If you buy it now, you will receive every updates in the futureDon’t wait! 

The only thing you really need to invest, it is the motivation and perseverance.

See you on the other side!