Stop Coprophagia! The Ultimate Guide Book

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  • A step-by-step guide offering solutions for dog owners to stop their pets from eating feces, including understanding the behavior, practical measures, and an action plan tailored to individual dogs!


A step-by-step guide to stop Coprophagia:

I spent a lot of time to understand what is Coprophagia in dogs and which solutions really work.

I asked dog owners how they helped their dog. I also spoke with vets to know their favorites recommendations.

  • simplified what could be simplified.
  • killed the useless measures.
  • I kept the best of it, what really works.

So I took every techniques and I have put them in a 75 pages “step-by-step” book, easy to read and understand even for Coprophagia newbies 🙂

This book will help you to avoid the errors I did. To take advantage of my experience. To save time and improve the health of your dog faster.

The action plan is easy to follow because you will pick up only what is about YOUR dog.

You can begin now to help your dog!